Update on readership and some of our favorite comments from May 17 – May 24

In an effort to set a model for transparency that ASK can follow, we are posting some of our readership statistics.

Last week we published the  daily statistics from April 18 through 13:00 pm May 17 (Kuwait time). The current date is highlighted in orange. The taller, light blue bars indicate total page views while the darker shorter blue bars indicate individual viewers:

Last week’s data

Here are updated values for this week:

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 18.27.35.png

In the past 7 days, we have had:

  • 2,681 page views
  • 228 different devices view. Keep in mind that one person may have multiple devices – work computer, phone, home computer.
  • This brings us to a grand total of 12,716 views and 1,681 device views.

Comments have also been strong in the past week:

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 18.30.23.png

Last week we said that we hoped more people would comment. They have. We have had 40 comments in the past week, making the grand total 66. We hope that comments continue to pick up steam – your contributions through our surveys and our comments are invaluable. We hope that administration reads them and considers them carefully.

Below are some of our favorite comments from this week:

  • “Bed bugs on the bus. Say that ten times for a tongue twister.”
    • This is interesting to us, but it is something we hope that was remedied quickly. Bed bugs have been a problem in the teacher housing in the past as well. Admin has a mixed record on handling such issues effectively.
  • “ASK primarily hires novice teachers beginning their career; and, this could get be very interesting. I’m grabbing popcorn. However, ASK already hires many teachers illegally on a temporary VISA. As such, I propose faculty-wide outings to Dubai to renew our temporary VISAs. Inevitably we want to know, who buy the drinks?”
    • This was in response to the new law in Kuwait that will prohibit hiring of expatriate workers under the age of 30. This will be a very large problem for ASK if they are not granted an exemption. Please beware of working on illegal visas. Your comment at the end about drinking was funny, but only because there was a kernel of truth embedded – ASK has a very active drinking culture. This culture tends to provide some of the best moments of camaraderie while also producing the most drama.
  • “I tend to think there will be someone who will take the fall for the low morale at ASK. Furthermore, someone (perhaps the same administrator) will be the fall person for accreditation issues / hiccups. Remember, during the re-accreditation process, that other admin from Middle States will be visiting ASK, seeking documents on change from last accreditation, observing classes, speaking with ASK admin and teachers. With new leadership, ASK must make a change in order to regain its standing amongst other international schools….and from a business standpoint against a legit competitor in AUS.”
    • This was in regards to the news that we hear some administrators were disciplined for the low morale at ASK. Reaccreditation, which is next year, has the potential to be a game changer for ASK – in either a good or bad way. We hope that competition will also be good for the school – it seems that business motivations are the only motivations in the decision-making process at ASK.
  • “Surely ASK had the foresight to find a certified replacement teacher before terminating someone’s contract? Surely admin at ASK would consider the difficulty in securing specialized positions (AP, higher level maths, sciences) before firing someone once the hiring season (job fairs) was over?”
    • LOL
  • “Caught word today at lunch that two more teachers are not returning next year— ticking the counter up and up.”
    • Tell us more…
  • “The single most important thing that ASK can do at this point is raise teacher salaries significantly, upwards of 10K USD. This will recruit high quality teachers that are dedicated to staying. The classrooms and school culture will begin changing rapidly, immediately. The second and equally important action is to bring in fresh, high quality leadership in superintendent and principals. We demand action from Wael and ownership without delay!”
    • Considering that some of their other most pressing needs include “hiring teachers legally” or even “hiring teachers at all,” it can be hard to decide what priority should be on top. Salary increases certainly should be a top contender.
  • “A “large multipurpose auditorium”? Really more like a huge empty room with a stage. The acoustics are worthless. There is no “lighting” or it is also useless. No permanent audio/microphone system. It is a depressing place that is used often for storage. There should be somewhere else to “store” unused items when the room needs to be used. There is no ticket booth. The restrooms do not have toilet paper. Not an appealing place to go at all.”
    • Who needs toilet paper when you have that fancy hose?

This post addresses the following parts of our mission statement and beliefs:

  • A partnership among families, teachers, and students is essential for successful learning.
  • Institutional transparency promotes positive engagement and fosters trust between the school and its stakeholders.


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