A message from the owner (Wael)

This is taken from The World Folio (link):

Another school following the U.S. curriculum is the American School of Kuwait (ASK). The preferred K-12 school among U.S. military and expat workers, ASK was originally established over 40 years ago by U.S. parents with the help of a few locals, but passed into Kuwaiti hands with the privatization law. The father of one Kuwaiti student at the time, Abdul Wahab Abdul Ghafoor, took over and funded the school. In 1992, he passed ASK into his son’s hands.

As a former student, Wael Abdul Ghafoor feels a special tie to the school and its success. “The school has had a nice atmosphere since the 1960s and the students do not forget each other over the years,” he says. “If ASK is succeeding, then Wael is succeeding, and if ASK drops, then Wael drops. It is a part of me.”

ASK is associated with the U.S. State Department, accredited by an American Accreditation firm, and invests ample time and money in recruiting staff at fairs in the U.S. Approximately 95% of its academic employees are from the States, and those who hail from other countries are required to have a U.S. teaching certification.

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  1. Has Wael dropped so low he can’t pick himself up?

    Which part of Wael is ASK? His left armpit?


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