Survey 4 – Summer Runner

runner is a teacher who does not return to complete their contract. This person told the school that they intend to show up at the resumption of classes, but does not. ASK usually has a one or two of these a year – some in the summer, some after winter holidays. One time, a principal pulled a runner after Spring Break. It took two or three days for the rest of admin to even figure out what had happened.

Survey 4 is simple. It contains one multiple-choice question. The question is – how many runners do you think ASK will have when classes resume in August? We will include both new teachers that are no-shows as well as returning teachers.

Take the survey here.



  1. This should really be structured as pool instead of a survey. We could each throw in 100 CAD, winner take all, less wiring fees in the event the winner is a runner 🙂


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