Salary Comparison Update – AIS


We now have a salary scale for the American International School of Kuwait (AIS). We only have the scale for teachers with an undergraduate degree and certification – we do not know how this changes with a graduate degree.

We also wish to note that the amounts are a few years old, so if AIS has given raises and you have more current information, please contact us.

Salary Comparison 4 Way.png

A basic summary:

  • ASK starts a teacher at 827 Kuwaiti Dinar each month. After each year, the monthly salary increases by 5 KD.
  • At ASK, your graduate degree is practically useless. A teacher with a masters degree at ASK will always makes less than a teacher with an undergraduate degree at AIS. They only make more than teachers at AUS if they have less than 6 years of teaching experience, where they become equal.
  • AUS starts a teacher at 781 Kuwaiti Dinar each month. After every two years, the monthly salary increases by about 4.5%. (Values are slightly off of this amount, but it is close enough).
    • We’d like to note that this is updated from previous articles that stated the increase was given annually. We have confirmed that the salary does, indeed, only increase every two years. In both scenarios, AUS eventually pays much more than ASK – now it just takes a bit longer than we thought before.
  • AIS starts teachers off with the highest monthly salary – 861 Kuwaiti Dinar each month. They increase by 25 dinars per month each year, which is enough to make them the highest paying school from beginning to end. We also know that AIS will credit you with 200 dinar per year for each year of teaching experience prior to working at AIS (Up to 15 years or 3000 Kuwaiti Dinar, annually).

Moral of the story? Maybe AIS is a better choice.


This post addresses the following parts of our mission statement and beliefs:

  • Encourage members of the ASK community to become more active in pushing the school to enact positive change in order to create and inspire a positive school environment for all members of the community.
  • Help ASK return to its position as the best option for private international education in Kuwait.
  • A partnership among families, teachers, and students is essential for successful learning.


  1. The single most important thing that ASK can do at this point is raise teacher salaries significantly, upwards of 10K USD. This will recruit high quality teachers that are dedicated to staying. The classrooms and school culture will begin changing rapidly, immediately. The second and equally important action is to bring in fresh, high quality leadership in superintendent and principals. We demand action from Wael and ownership without delay!


  2. It’s cute how many of you take the salary offered and complain. You can negotiate for so much more, it is how business is done in this part of the world, and America as it turns out…


    1. I disagree. I invite you to take up a job at ASK for two years and still speak of cuteness. In the education industry, salary schedules are often publicly posted, as they are on the ASK website. Posted salary schedules are non-negotiable.

      ASK preys on the naivety of inexperienced candidates, gulps them up, spits them out.


  3. Everything is negotiable… even with in education… even in North America, especially in Kuwait. To think otherwise is naive.


    1. Naivety is to think that it is the fault of teachers for their lack of negation. An educational institution gets appropriate returns as a direct result of their teachers’ pay, regardless of salary negotiations. To place blaim on these teachers is cute; but, I humbly submit to say, like a poorly built pedestrian bridge bound to crumble, this thinking is deeply flawed.


      1. If you take a job at list salary and cry about it, the crying party is the one suffering from flawed thinking.


      2. If you take a job at list salary and cry about it, the crying party is the one suffering from flawed thinking.


      1. The only cold heart is the person running this website. They will just make it worse for those who are staying.


  4. I think we are lucky that we have good education in Kuwait, despite all the problems and improvements required. But if someone is serious about education, they can get it. – Wael Abdul Ghafoor


  5. This needs to be updated. I was offered far more than what you’re quoting here (close to 1200 a month) by ASK for 2021. Attempted to negotiate, but was shut down. In retrospect, probably could have pushed harder but it seems this is a decent wage – especially considering the numbers now.

    Would be great to compare schools nowadays.


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