Possible new laws

In the post linked below, we are told that no employers will be able to recruit expatriate workers under the age of 30, and that there are no exceptions, after July of this year. We know it is common for new laws to be suggested or enacted in Kuwait and that they frequently are enforced differently (or not at all) from how the news media advertised it. If you have information about whether this law will actually be enacted and enforced, please contact us.

Read the story at The Arab Times


  1. ASK primarily hires novice teachers beginning their career; and, this could get be very interesting. I’m grabbing popcorn. However, ASK already hires many teachers illegally on a temporary VISA. As such, I propose faculty-wide outings to Dubai to renew our temporary VISAs.

    Inevitably we want to know, who buy the drinks?


    1. Mike seems to like drinking quite a bit, so I think he would have to buy the drinks using his new Superintendent money. If ASK can’t hire first-year teachers who don’t know better than to accept their contract offer, then they might not be able to hire enough teachers. They’re having enough trouble as it is.


      1. Surely ASK had the foresight to find a certified replacement teacher before terminating someone’s contract? Surely admin at ASK would consider the difficulty in securing specialized positions (AP, higher level maths, sciences) before firing someone once the hiring season (job fairs) was over?


      2. This is tawdry remark against Mike that works against this sites stated mission and bid for professionalism.


  2. ASK is currently petitioning various Ministries,along with other private schools, to ask for a written exemption from this law regarding hiring practices. There is no word yet on whether or not that will be successful.


  3. If implemented, the pendulum will swing in favor of recruiting married couples and singles over 30 at ASK it seems. Now, can ASK offer these experienced professional a salary to recruit them? I doubt it. It is gonna get real.


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