Was teacher morale addressed with admin?

We have heard and confirmed from multiple sources that one or more administrators have been “spoken to” regarding morale. This is a positive first step.

We would like to reiterate our advice to the administration at ASK. Conduct a survey on teacher morale. Use the data to improve.

Each teacher should have the opportunity to submit a confidential annual review of each of their administrators – assistant principals, principals, and superintendent. This data should be reviewed confidentially with the administration and board.

Take these steps to improve. Be transparent in your work. It will mean a lot and it will begin the process of rebuilding trust and morale.


  1. been waiting to hear good news for sometime wanna see change or the business folded what a hellhole


  2. I tend to think there will be someone who will take the fall for the low morale at ASK. Furthermore, someone (perhaps the same administrator) will be the fall person for accreditation issues / hiccups. Remember, during the re-accreditation process, that other admin from Middle States will be visiting ASK, seeking documents on change from last accreditation, observing classes, speaking with ASK admin and teachers. With new leadership, ASK must make a change in order to regain its standing amongst other international schools….and from a business standpoint against a legit competitor in AUS.


  3. Caught word today at lunch that two more teachers are not returning next year— ticking the counter up and up.


  4. Mike can’t even get people to come to his parties anymore. Now he knows everybody only came because of Jackie. #thewomenwhosupportmike


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