Tell us about the bus company

We have some questions about the bus company. Some of these questions we have the answers to, and just need some more evidence. Other questions we sincerely don’t know.

Please send us any information by either commenting on this post or by e-mailing us.

  • Do the buses have seat belts?
    • We are primarily referring to the student buses. We realize there is some overlap with teacher buses and that the majority of the teachers buses only have a few working seat belt.
  • How much does the bus cost for one student?
    • Does this vary by neighborhood, or does everybody pay the same?
  • Do the teacher buses leave on time (or early or late)?
    • Break this down by morning/afternoon if you like.
  • Do the drivers smoke on the buses?
    • We are particularly interested in whether the drivers smoke inside buses that are later used by children.
  • Do the buses still take ridiculous off-road shortcuts to avoid traffic?
  • How often do the buses break down this year?
  • On a scale of 1-10, how awesome is the party bus?
Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 22.13.49.png
It’s a shortcut. Wallah, Miss.


On a related note, and while we have you here, we are also curious about your feelings on the improvements to the parking lot. How are you enjoying the improved landscaping?

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 22.09.20.png
A dramatic reenactment of the ASK parking lot.


  1. The 4×4 shortcuts negate many of the cons associated with riding the bus. Saves times, adds adventure.


    1. ASK clearly needs dedicated teacher buses to improve their timing. Yes, the 4×4 shortcuts negate the need for seat belts, reduce costs, and even breakdowns. Have you seen the AUS buses, proudly featuring their name and logo(“A better choice”)? Their buses are a pride rather than embarrassment. They aren’t hiding themselves as soon as they leave the school gates.

      Cat piss on the wheels. And that colleague or two screaming(again) at what at 5:50am!?– how did they get hired?

      Now, where are we going to park those new teacher buses?


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