Update on readership

In an effort to set a model for transparency, we are posting some of our readership statistics.

Below are daily statistics from April 18 through 13:00 pm May 17 (Kuwait time). The current date is highlighted in orange. The taller, light blue bars indicate total page views while the darker shorter blue bars indicate individual viewers.screen-shot-2018-05-17-at-17-58-00.png

Since the blog opened we have had:

  • 10,035 page views
  • 1,453 different devices view. Keep in mind that one person may have multiple devices – work computer, phone, home computer.

You’ll notice that after the new-ness of the site wore off, readership dropped. This was followed by a spike in traffic on May 8 – this was the day after the spontaneous firing of a grade 3 teacher. We also received our first page comment on this date. Below is a graph of comments:

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 18.01.46.png

Comments have been slowly gaining steam. We know some people are afraid to comment because of the possibility of exposing their identity, so we want to be clear about what information we can and cannot see about your comments. We can see your IP address, which allows us to know what country you are in. Most of our readers are in Kuwait, so this is generally not meaningful information. We do use this ability to see comments from the same submitter, and have noted this when some users try to spam or troll with multiple comments. The only way we could identify your more specifically than this is if you leave a comment while logged into a WordPress account that is assigned to your real name (so maybe don’t do that unless you want people to know who you are).

We hope that more of you will begin to leave constructive comments and survey responses – we read and reflect on all of the feedback you leave – whether it is about ASK or about our website.


This post addresses the following parts of our mission statement and beliefs:

  • A partnership among families, teachers, and students is essential for successful learning.
  • Institutional transparency promotes positive engagement and fosters trust between the school and its stakeholders.


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