ASK Pays Less Than Other Schools

It is well known that ASK does not pay as much as other schools in Kuwait. 10 years ago, when ASK had a better reputation, teachers would regularly take pay cuts of 100-200 KD monthly (300-600 USD) to come to ASK because it was a better school. Lately, however, the trend is that of teachers leaving ASK to go to other schools – getting a pay raise and a job that they enjoy more.

So, how much more can you make at other schools in Kuwait? Today we will look at the pay at the newest American school in Kuwait – the American United School of Kuwait (AUS). We should note that there are rumors that Wael, the CEO of ASK, has a conflicting ownership stake in AUS. These rumors have some bite, but we are unable to substantiate them at this time. If you can provide proof of these rumors, please contact us.

Below is the salary scale for teachers at AUS:

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 20.19.17.png

Note – To protect the privacy of the teachers that shared this document, we have retyped it and changed the format a bit.

AUS increases by 4.5% each year, for all 30 years. ASK increases by an astonishingly low 0.6% in Year 0, and every year after has a smaller percentage increase.

We created some graphs to show how large the pay gap gets:




Unlike teachers with a Bachelors degree, these teachers begin making more money at AUSK on day 1. By the end of 30 years, the teachers are earning almost double. Below is a graph showing your lifetime earnings difference. Note that this graph is in US Dollars, where the previous graphs have been in Kuwaiti Dinars.


A teacher who works at AUSK (with a Masters degree) for 30 years will earn at least $214,000 more than a teacher who does the same at ASK.  AUS – A better choice indeed.

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 19.10.05


  1. Hmm. The only thing you are missing, is that AUS only gives a raise every two years. And they only do two-year contracts, even after your first contract. So depending on how much experience you had when you are hired, very soon your colleagues with less experience can be making more than you. Every two years= one year on the salary scale.


    1. This is a good comment and it matches initial information that we were given. There was actually some dispute about this very point amongst three different current AUS teachers that provided us the information. We will continue to investigate this – if we can absolutely substantiate it then we will make an update. Readers should be aware that we believe this information is credible.


    2. Hello, if I apply to AUS and I have been teaching for 15 years in America with a Bachelor’s degree, I will make the base salary of 1512kd?


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