ASK’s Illegal Contract

As part of the ASK contract, teachers sign and agree to the following:

ASK Contract

The first sentence has been emphasized by administration at the school to mean that you cannot tutor or accept any other positions of employment while living in Kuwait. It is difficult to say how widely this is enforced, as many teachers tutor, some boosting their salary quite significantly. Even the secondary principal tutors (and plays golf with students). This is a significant conflict of interest, even though it is widely known amongst the faculty to be occurring. This part of the contract is legal – in fact – it is Kuwaiti labor law.

The second part of the statement says that you may not work for another school in Kuwait for 2 years after leaving ASK.

To be clear – this is illegal, and clearly violates Kuwaiti labor law. If you are a teacher who has accepted a contract at ASK or are considering doing so, I strongly suggest that you inquire about this part of the contract and request that it be removed.  While some teachers have successfully negotiated with ASK to be permitted to transfer to a different school at the conclusion of their contract, many have not.

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