Mahboula – The Mad Area

Mahboula is the neighborhood where all ASK teachers live. Below is a collection of articles from the Kuwait Times about Mahboula. It is not uncommon for crimes such as prostitution, rape, or stalking to occur in Mahboula. In fact, teachers in the past have been victims of crimes, including an attempted abduction of a teacher and their child. A British teacher from a different school that lived a few doors down was raped after a delivery man forced their way into her apartment. It is also common for police to set up traffic stops at all of the entrances to the neighborhood, looking for people without proper visas. These are usually expatriate workers from the Indian subcontinent; however there are several teachers at ASK hired each year without a proper visa and they must be extra cautious to avoid being stopped.

Mahboula Raid Nets 1023 Violators

More than 200 Arrested in Mahboula Crackdown

Two Romanian Prostitutes Arrested in Mahboula

Mahboula – The Mad Area

1,527 Arrested in Mahboula Raid (Updated: Link fixed)

Human Trafficking Network Busted


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