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Survey 6 (Survey | Results) – New Start Times

Survey 5 (Survey | Results) – Disciplinary support from administration

Survey 4 (Survey | Results) – Summer Runners

Survey 3 (Survey | Results) – Advice for new teachers

Survey 2 (Survey | Results) – ASK Likes and Dislikes

Survey 1 (Survey | Results) – Administrator Satisfaction


66) ASK Administrators Keep Quitting

65) Rumor: Confirmed

64) Middle School Rumor

63) Kuwait’s 5-Day Weather Forecast

62) Update On Readership (Nov. 12, 2018)

61) Ministry Cancels All Schools

60) Is today a rain day?

59) Coming this Tuesday…

58) Grading Michael Murphy (Always Up-To-Date)

57) The Dunes is Falling Apart

56) New ISR Review (Michael Murphy)

55) So much rain!

54) An Update on Readership

53) Another Math Teacher is Gone

52) Update on readership as of October 22, 2018

51) 3 Teachers Out Already

50) Parking Laws

49) New Start Times!

48) Kuwait is worst country for expats (article courtesy of principal Nancy Abdulghafoor)

47) Welcome Back

46) ASK Still Has Unfilled Vacancies

45) Updates as of July 10

44) Kuwait Education Minister on Private Tutoring

43) New ISR Review

42) Update on Job Vacancies

41) Freedom. Also, Kuwait International Airport was just ranked the world’s worst.

40) International Schools Review

39) Seal your windows!

38) Absentee Leadership (Harvard Business Review)

37) Child Abuse Incident Reporting Form Part 3 in an ongoing series about the need for stronger child protection policies at the American School of Kuwait.

36) A gift for you and your students on the last day of school.

35) Child abuse at the American School of Kuwait. Part 2 in an ongoing series about the need for stronger child protection policies at the American School of Kuwait.

34) Child abuse in Kuwait. Part 1 in an ongoing series about the need for stronger child protection policies at the American School of Kuwait.

33) Some of ASK’s accreditation reports have been falsified. (Updating over time)

32) Advice from a Kuwait labor law attorney.

31) Good news – the new Kuwaiti labor law has been cancelled.

30) Wael is invested with a competitor of ASK. Plus Wikileaks.

29) An interview with Wael.

28) A message from Wael.

27) Help us to grow our community.

26) Update on readership and our favorite comments from the past week.

25) A guide to commenting anonymously

24) We now have salary information for AIS.

23) Was admin spoken to about teacher morale?

22) New labor laws in Kuwait.

21) The bus company at ASK.

20) How many teachers are leaving ASK this year? A lot. (This is being continually updated.)

19) Statistics about our blog (as of 17 May 2018)

18) Teachers are quitting.

17) Congratulations to AUS – they are accredited.

16) ASK fired more teachers.

15) ASK fires a lot of teachers.

14) A little bonus satire to accompany the post, “ASK fires a lot of teachers”

13) Governance – ASK is Risking Accreditation

12) More on Teacher Housing – Clean Up the Gym, Mr. Macho-Man and More

11) UPDATED 26-APR: Summer School At ASK

10) Airline changes: Low morale and another reason not to accept a contract from ASK.

9) Today’s AQI is bad, and ASK has no policy in place to protect students or faculty.

8) Child Protection is Imperative

7) Salary at ASK

6) Reviews of ASK from International Schools Review

5) ASK pays less than AUS (American United School of Kuwait)

4) ASK has a contract clause that violates Kuwaiti labor laws

3) Teacher Housing at ASK

2) The neighborhood where teachers are housed can be dangerous

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